Carbon Block

About this item:

GREATER CHLORINE TASTE and ODOR REDUCTION than competitive 10 carbon blocks

FITS ALL 20″ Big Blue or other heavy-duty housings and can replace any 20″ x 4.5″ carbon filter cartridge

HIGH POROSITY DESIGN helps the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capacity is exhausted

  • Make your home contamination-free by removing chlorine and other harmful industrial chemicals – Now you can drink water knowing it is 100% safe.
  • ULTRA-HIGH GRADE FILTRATION – Our pure water coconut carbon filter is extensively tested and verified to meet health and product standards. Have peace of mind knowing your water is purified with the superior Watertec filtration system.

What is Activated Carbon Block?

There are many types of carbon. Most filter carbon is manufactured from coal, but other substances like wood and nutshells are also used. Coconut shell carbon is becoming popular not only because it is made from a renewable resource but also because it produces very good tasting water and is particularly good at trihalomethane removal.

Besides the physical absorption that the Activated Carbon Block filter can provide, it also filters the water via a chemical process. The Activated Carbon Block filter is positively charged, thus it is able to attract negatively charged particles such as chlorine, benzene, and other volatile organic compounds, and prevent them from flowing out into your glass. Carbon is well known for its unique absorbing ability; just a pound of carbon is able to provide up 125 acres of filtering surface area.


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