Desktop Direct Drinking RO Water Purifier Machine W12

Reverse Osmosis depth filtration technology

Gets hot in 3 seconds

Free Installation

The separation design of strontium-rich carbon bar composite filter core and wastewater box

Multiple temperature effluent

Remind of the filter element replacement monitoring


3 filters, 4 levels of purification
RO reverse osmosis filtration technology to remove harmful substances

PAC composite filter
Filters out large particulate pollutants such as sand, rust, colloids, adsorption of odors, residual chlorine, etc.

RO reverse osmosis membrane
Filters out small impurities such as bacteria, microorganisms, and limescale

Rear composite carbon rod filter
Further absorbs abnormal colors and odors to enhance the water taste

Not afraid of leaking water
Integrated waterway board
Original water tank, filter element and water purification tank adopt integrated waterway link One-piece, sturdy, and more sealed
The net waste water separation tank
3L original water tank + 1L waste water tank
The waste water tank is stored separately, and the returned waste water will not be repeatedly filtered


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