High Pressure Switch

The high-pressure switch is widely used, such as reverse osmosis water system, water purifier, pure water machine, drinking water machine, etc. After the water tank is filled with water, the booster pump should be closed to avoid burning out the booster pump. The action pressure is 0.25MPa, when the pressure is higher than 0.25MPa, cuts off the power supply. Make sure that the product works within the rated pressure. The high-pressure switch can respond quickly and protect equipment effectively. Efficient and useful, can protect your home appliances. The installation is simple and the voltage is DC 24V. There are no complex and difficult-to-understand assembly and installation steps so that you can easily start, a simple operation.

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WATER&FOOD USE MATERIALS: Our RO pump high-pressure switch is made from safe, non-toxic materials. They are widely used for RODI systems, plumbing or drip irrigation system, etc

SIZE&TUBE COMPATIBLE WITH:1/4″ Tube O.D.Quick fittings;Turn on pressure:0.14±0.02Mpa, Turn Off prssure:0.25±0.03Mpa.Fits the standard 1/4 inch O.D. water line used on most Water purification systems ( check your tube size carefully before order)

EASY INSTALLATION: New generation Non-Locking Clip technology offers an easy DIY installation without tools required, Just Push in to Connect.

FUNCTION&QUALITY: the switch activates at 0.25Mpa keeping the pressure in the RO tank at that setting by turning on the booster pump when pressure falls below the target 0.25Mpa and turning off the booster pump when the pressure reaches 0.25Mpa.

Notes: Wires not included, it can work with 6.3mm Wire Plugs. Our fitting is reusable, it can be installed without Locking clips. it also can be used with Locking clips


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