String Wound Sediment

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OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE – Compared to melt blown filter cartridge, a string filter is the best choice to filter water with lots of sediment. FOUR times dirt-holding capacity, DOUBLE flow rate, LONGER service life than PP sediment filter.

STANDARD DIMENSION – 20″x2.5″ universal string wound filter cartridge fits most 20-inch filter housings, as prefilter of reverse osmosis(RO) systems and whole house water filtration, as well as a variety of commercial and industrial water treatment systems.

FUNCTION – Remove 99% particles, silt, sand, rust, and other undissolved particles in dirty water. As the first line of defense in the filtration system, protect your water-using appliances and plumbing for cleaner water, improve water quality and taste.

FEATURES – Unique honeycomb structure increases dirt holding capacity, polypropylene material center tube increase pressure resistance.100% Polypropylene material, non-toxic and tasteless.



What is a sediment water filter cartridge?

It’s usually placed as the first stage of the water filtration system to remove rust, iron, sand, silt, and particulates from water. As the first line of defense in the filtration system.

It’s the best choice for removing fine sediment from well water / hard water/city water / municipal water/drinking water, etc.

What is a micron rating?

The unwanted particles found in water are measured in microns.

For example, a filter with a micron rating of 5 will filter out contaminants of 5 microns or larger. Our filter with a 99% efficiency rating removes 99% of the particles at all above the 5-micron size.

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