PH Meter

H tester usage related issues:

When the PH meter is turned on in the air, the value jumps irregularly, which is a normal phenomenon. The value in the air cannot be used as a reference.

When measuring the water with the PH meter, it needs to be stirred gently (to remove the bubbles attached to the probe), and it takes a period of stabilization. It is normal for the value to jump up or down during the test. Please do not just insert it and read it immediately.

White crystalline salt appears around the electrode of the PH meter, which is a normal phenomenon of the PH electrode, and the electrode can be removed by immersing it in water and cleaning.

The PH meter electrode is made of glass, which is fragile. Please do not drop it or touch it with your hands. Do not test the water above 50℃. Do not test the strong acid and alkali, which will cause the electrode glass to burst.

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