Water Leaking Detector

Double Your Protection: The pressure regulator is used to regulate your water filtration system by limiting your water pressure to an optimal 50-60 PSI, while the open design leak detector cuts off the water supply if there is a leak in your water filtration system, in order to prevent catastrophic flooding.

Easy Installation This product is super easy to install, all you need to do is to cut the water line squarely and push the tubing accordingly into the in/out connections. Watch our video for further details. To replace sponges, the open design leak detector pops open and installs a new sponge in under 10 seconds.

Compatibility: This product can be used to connect to all existing 1/4″ water filtration systems.

Value This product comes in a combo pack including one leak detector and one pressure regulator to maintain and protect your existing water filtration system.

Safety: NSF-certified components to ensure that you get the optimal protection from this combo pack from the potential catastrophic leaks.

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