5-Micron Sediment

About This Item:

MATERIAL SAFETY – 5-micron water filter made of 100% pure polypropylene material, meets the NSF certification, BPA free. There are no fibers shedding because of unique melt-blown technology to avert the re-contamination of drinking water. Provide your family with a much safer and healthier life all the time.

PROTECT WATER EQUIPMENT – This sediment water filter removes 99% rusts, silts, sands, and other undissolved particles, etc, from dirty water. As the first-stage filter in the filtration system, it protects your post-filters, water appliances, and pipes with purer and higher quality water, providing a healthy lifestyle.

MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE – Our micron filter has three separated gradient density layers to filtrate sediments deeply and enhance excellent performance and higher dirt-holding capacity than the similar size sediment water filter. In other words, it has a longer service life.

STANDARD UNIVERSAL FILTER – House water filter fits most Reverse Osmosis Systems, Under Sink Filtration Systems, and any Whole House Water Filtration Units with 10-inch filter housings.


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